Ridesharing: Vanpooling With Ron Hughes

Speaking: Ron Hughes ( Kings County Transit and the Agricultural Industries Transportation Services, Hanford, Calif.)

September 2009

BILL OSBORNE: What I would like to first do is introduce the Director of Transit Services for Kings County and the agriculture industry of transportation services, Hanford, California. This gentleman


    There are a lot of under-served areas, and one thing he brought up that was interesting was what options will evolve where there are unmet transit needs. In the outskirts of the city where I live, there's poor public transportation and many people take dollar vans instead. They're not really regulated and that can create problems. This was one way a transit provider managed to help people in these areas that seems like a potentially helpful model. But even acknowledging the problem is an important step in some cases.
    Anonymous | December 15, 2009